By Gregory Johnson

"Caryatid was created in 2015 inspiration behind this piece Is the concept of a carrier to female stop to figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar usually supporting the roof structure on her head. The sculpture suggests an uplifting movement into the future or the heavens. Nearly 9 foot tall,  Caryatid addresses my current interest in working with several concepts. First arranging the subject to challenge the center of a compositional frame while dancing around and passed its supposed boundaries but like a painting that goes beyond the edges of the canvas. Next the work explores a reductive process that takes recognizable subjects and simplifies them into a geometric form. These form become sculptures and speak to me with their mood and feeling. These same compositions may embody the dynamic of the urban architectural environment or remind us of growth and technology and other present day objects. some sculptures tend to be more biomorphic in nature and therefore radiate natural or spiritual feelings." -Gregory Johnson, artist