By Adam Wall

"For the sculpture entitled, Tintinnabular I really wanted another industrial looking sculpture people could interact with. In this case, they can ring bells and chimes that I’ve got set up by using a hammer that’s attached to the sculpture. With the sculpture, I also wanted to have something that looked old both in design and in the material; steel is a little bit ageless and then it looks rusty and old regardless whether it’s 10 years old or 100 years old.  The form itself looks a little bit more classical, borrowing from The Roman and a bit from the Greek buildings and Greek structures. Which a lot of the architecture here in the south still reflects some of that plus there’s the addition of the idea of strength that comes with the arch and the dome. These are all strong forms architecturally speaking. That’s part of why I wanted to include it in the sculpture."  -Adam Walls, artist